Cloud Service
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Cloud Service

Our consulting services can help you outperform your competition using the cloud. The cloud can aid business growth, lower your IT costs, and provide a supporting infrastructure that can be built upon in the future.

Here is how our Cloud Service help you:

Help you make use of Amazon cloud computing for a cost-effective and flexible infrastructure.

Access infrastructure that can grow with your business.

Make complex infrastructure simple, regardless of whether it is for a business website, a web 2.0 platform or a CMS.

We can help you make use of services such as Amazon S3 (simple storage service), great for providing redundant storage, and Amazon EBS (elastic block storage), used for block storage.

Automated backups protect your applications from disaster.

CloudWatch enables you to monitor your services and get to the bottom of faults quickly.

Access effect eCommerce solutions that offer a low cost opportunity to start selling online

Access Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Business process as a Service (BPaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS)