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  • 30GB Abundant Storage
  • Built on OX7
  • 360o Collaboration Tools
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Digit24 Intelligent Computing provides powerful, faster, secured Personalized Business Email solutions to businesses to make your unique branding. Get your own professional personalized Email like

Businesses rely heavily on email for central business processes like customer transactions, vendor relationships, and internal communications. Email services using your own choice of domain name so that everyone can have their own customized email accounts for increasing your presence on internet. Our powerful web based access provides full email operation from anywhere the web is available and it is just like (Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoomail) or any email clients (E.g. Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora) to read and send Emails.

Email Sender Solution for Compaigns

Are you looking for a Email sender for your campaigns? Then Email Solution is just what you want. And everything you need is here waiting for your exploration. Personalized Messages, Newsletters, Marketing Emails, Coupons, E-zines, Promotions, etc., everything for your effective online campaigns is just right at your hand.

The Perfect Cloud Based Email

& Collaboration Service

Abundant Storage

Now get 25GB Email Storage + 5GB File Storage in our all new business level offering that is built around NetApp's FAS3240, a shared storage device with a 99.999% uptime. Our storage architecture ensures that your data is always safe and always available.


Intuitive shared Calendaring, Address Book, Files and Tasks only means one thing - you get more done. Easier, better & faster! It's the perfect way for your customers to collaborate their business on the web.

Social Integration

For consumers and business users who rely on email and use social media: The social capabilities in our Business Email Suite enables them to communicate with their private and professional contacts via one platform, to send and receive emails from any email account, and to take control of their contact data.


Let your customers connect with their device's default app on Symbian, iPhone, Android or Windows. Give them the privelege to access their collaborative business mailbox on the go.

Product Disclaimer

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Pricing on Shared Hosting may be subject to change with forex conditions.
  • Promo pricing (if available) is applicable to new orders or 1st month orders only. For renewal and addon pricing, kindly refer to your Control Panel.
  • These packages are subjected to the Digit24 Intelligent Computing Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • Helpline : +91-7070982408

Backup/Restore Policy

  • We undertake periodic backups of data on our shared hosting servers, but the final responsibility for all backups of the data on your hosting packages rests with you. We strongly recommend that you take periodic backups and store them at your end so that you have multiple options in case of necessity for a restore.
  • From the list of backups available and their date of generation you must select the date of the back up very carefully as we will only be able to undertake this task once a week.
  • We strongly recommended that you make use of Code Guard for reliable and cheap offsite back ups.
  • On VPS, Dedicated servers, Managed Servers and stand alone email solutions, we do not maintain any back ups that can be restored on a per server or package basis. For managed servers, you can buy additional SAN storage or another server and request us for back up configuration and we will be able to set this up for you.
  • HELPLINE : +91-7070982408.